Ready Made vs. bespoke

None but the smallest of businesses can afford to overlook the benefits offered by the use of computers, whether as a single unit or as part of a network, and so the choice of business software applications is often as critical in the success of the business as any other factor.

There are many thousands of applications designed to make the running of a business less traumatic than it would otherwise be, from accounting and payroll software like Sage and Pegasus to the more common word processors, spreadsheet, contact management and emailing software applications, none of which can be ignored in today’s business environment.

Ready Made

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Applications like those mentioned above are abundant and relatively cheap (some more than others) and some are better designed than others hence you still have to make careful choices when investing your money.

There are many advantages that can be gained from utilising Ready Made software, as mentioned above, it is reasonably cheap to purchase, many are in common business use, and hence people are very familiar with their use, so training costs are reduced.

There are some disadvantages also, although business can sometimes bend the software so meet various needs, the software can not be changes and companies have to work within the limitations of the software.

Bespoke Software

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Once a company identifies a critical business need, which can not be fully met by Off the Shelf software they must look to the Bespoke software market for solutions.

Unlike Ready Made, bespoke software is not cheap, but because of its very nature it can overcome the limitations inherent in Off the Shelf software, it can be designed to make it respond to the ever-changing needs of a business and to the demands placed on a business as clients become more and more demanding.

It can offer the business an advantage over its competitor and can often make the difference between winning new clients or losing them.

The Final decision between Bespoke and Ready made has (like all business decisions) to be based on price; do the returns or savings outweigh the initial costs? You decide!